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Compiled by Roger Shlomo Harris
Copyright 2002-2010

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about kashrut and hechshers


Other hechsher lists
Anshe Shalom B'nai Israel Congregation:
Atlanta Kashruth Commission:
BC Kosher (British Columbia, Canada):
Beth El Synagogue, MN, USA:
Beth Tzedek Congregation, Toronto, Canada:
Chicago Rabbinical Council CRC:
French hechshers:
Hanefesh - National Assembly of Hebrew Students:
Haruth, no hechshers, extensive lists of names:
Italy Kosher Union:
Jewish Celiacs Newsletter:
Jewish Community Centre of Paramus, NJ, USA:
Jewish Cooking:
Jewish Learning Initiative:
Kashrus Agencies Worldwide:
Kashrus Magazine - Kosher Supervision Guide:
Keter Malchut Yisroel:
Kosher Delight: kashrut authorities world-wide, no hechshers:
Kosher Quest:
KSA Kosher:
Lincoln Square Synagogue, New York:
London Kosher Guide, U.K.:
Montreal Kosher, Quebec, Canada:
Non-Orthodox Kosher:
Rabbi Bendory's hechsher page:
Seattle Vaad:
Trader Joe's Kosher Symbols:
Union of Orthodox Synagogues, South Africa:
Walking Together:
Young Israel of Holliswood:
Young Israel Of Houston:


Kosher chemicals
Kosher Supervision of Flavour Production:



Biology Daily's Hechsher page - on-line biology encyclopedia

Discussion group:
Your e-mail program will need to have newsgroups enabled.


E Numbers
Many kosher food products contain chemicals which are identified by their E number and may be awarded kosher status by a beth din. For example, an instant meal of "Thai Noodles" bearing the hechsher of Badatz Mehadrin (Belgium) contains E452 (polyphosphates), E466 (cellulose gum), E500 (sodium phosphate), E551 (silicon dioxide), E627 (disodium guanylate) and E628 (dipotassium guanylate).
Numerical listings:

Please see also my list of kosher food ingredients.

E-mail kashrut newsletter
For details send a blank e-mail to

      International Academy for Kosher Wine Production. MAY HAVE CLOSED: Sep 2009
    The first school of enology and viticulture applied to the production of Kosher Wine. For Jewish college students interested in learning the art of winemaking. Located in Zagarolo near Rome, Italy.

Hasidic dynasties

Hechsher surname
The word hechsher in its various spelled forms is also a surname:
Ferdinand Hecksher
    German actor; born Berlin 1806; died Sanderhausen, 28 Feb 1891. He had a fine bass voice, began his theatrical career as a singer, but finding his opportunities in this field too limited, he abandoned music entirely in 1853 and devoted his energies to drama. SOURCE: Jewish Encyclopedia, 1904
Johann Gustav Hecksher
    1797-1865. Baptised as a Protestant, 1808. Lawyer from Hamburg, Germany. Subsequently Minister of Justice and then Foreign Minister in the first Reich cabinet. SOURCE:Jews in Germany, by Nachum Gidal. ISBN: 0-8290-0491-5
Samuel Ben Meïr Hecksher
    German scholar; lived at Altona in the 17th and 18th centuries; author of a work entitled "Kinah al Serefah," in Hebrew and German, on the great fire which raged at Altona in 1711. SOURCE: Jewish Encyclopedia, 1904

How do you spell hechsher?
The Philadelphia Daily News reported that Saryn Hooks' answer of hechsher was initially rejected by the judges of the 2006 National Spelling Bee held in Washington DC, U.S.A. After checking hechscher in a dictionary the judges decided that their answer was wrong and that Hooks' answer was correct. They then invited her to return to the competition.

Jewish Law Case Summaries
Kashrut - Commercial:
Kashrut - Libel:
Kashrut - Penal:

Kashering and toiveling, About (making kosher and immersion, about)
A table of information in PDF format is published on the Chicago Rabbinic Council web-site.

Kashrus in Japan

Kashrus Kurrents - A Kashrus Guide to Medications, Vitamins, and Nutritional Supplements, published by Star-K Kashrus.

Kashrus Magazine
On-line kosher food information newsletter. Web-site sections on kosher travel, recipes and a world-wide Zemanim (prayer time and candlelighting) calculator.

Kashrut News
A new service which commenced in November 2007. It provides comprehensive kashrut information for the kosher consumer. Product certification alerts and changes, recalls, current events, plus discount shopping.

Kosher Capers, by Rena Rossner
From The Jerusalem Post on-line edition, 8 September 2005
... about the unreliability of certain kosher certification in Jerusalem.

Kosher cellphones
Cellphones bearing a Tuedat Hechsher are available for use in Israel from MIRS Communications Ltd., Tel Aviv. The modified Motorola phones are engineered to block access to the Internet, SMS texts, video and voicemail. The intention is to protect mainly the young from corrupting influences. The hechsher is apparently that of Vaadas HaRabbonim, Israel. [more-1, more-2, more-3].

Kosher Community Surveys

Kosher and Halal Food Laws
A paper by J.M. Regenstein, M.M. Chaudry and C.E. Regenstein. [.pdf]

Kosher for Pesach medications

Kosher restaurants, worldwide
Great Restaurants publishes a list of kosher restaurants in book form and on its web-site at

Kosher Symbols
Download a file containing more than 370 kosher symbols and address information into your Palm computer. $10.

The "Kosher Tax" Hoax: Anti-Semitic Recipe for Hate

A weblog edited by Jonathan Abbett and dealing with various aspects
of kashrut. The web-site is a visual delight and the contents are concise and entertaining.

KosherExpo 2007
Alexandra Palace, London N22, U.K.
10:30 - 16:30, Sunday 11 February 2007

Kosher food and beverage trade show, Jacob K. Javits Convention Centre, New York City, U.S.A. 14-15 November 2006.
A kosher certification company working with only vegetarian and/or vegan companies. Apparently ceased trading on or before 13 May 2005. The web domain name has been offered for sale.

LegalEase - What's the truth about kosher toothpaste

by Ari Z. Livotofsky
Click for text

Kosher directory and certification for South America in Spanish: Rabbi Libersohn, Agudat Israel of Argentina.

Schechita - kosher slaughter
London Board for Schechita
Dr Temple Grandin's web-site: Livestock Behaviour, Design of Facilities and Humane Slaughter
Rabbi Dr. I.M. Levinger on schechita at AgriProcessors, December 2004
Campaign for the Protection of Shechita, U.K.

A selection of short videos about schechita (found on
If you are squeamish then don't watch these:
a.. Promotional film made for Stroh & Goldberg, Butchers
b.. Schita-1
c.. Schita-2
d.. Shejita
e.. Jewish Law: Episode 1 (Part 4 of 5)
 f.. Jewish Law: Episode 1 (Part 5 of 5)

Star K hechsher site
Kosher liquor:

The Kosher Net
Koshernet provides a "rabbinically endorsed, internet experience for
businesses, schools, parents, teachers, or anyone who wants or needs
control over exposure to undesirable content during the internet experience."


Whiskys and other alcoholic beverages
○ Rav Shmouel Semelman has compiled a substantial database about alcoholic beverages.
○ A Brief Introduction, by Ralph Katzenell.
○ Kashrus in High Spirits, by Rabbi Tzvi Rosen, Star-K Kashrus


Not a kashrut web-site: Hollander & Hechsher
is an internet publishing company